Shyness to Expression; Timidity to Confidence;

Squeaking like a Mouse to Roaring like a Lion

Screaching like a Corncrake to Singing like a Nightingale

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Lorrayn de Peyer

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Want to learn to sing in tune? Have a better voice? Perform,sing in a Choir? Improve your confidence? Love singing Pop-Rock Music? Have a group of people who want to learn to sing or form a Choir? Are you an company, organization or Charity that wants to experience becoming a Pop and Rock Choir or a

flashchoir in a day as a team building activity?

If you are a complete Beginner or a company/corporation wanting to sing for fun, recreation, singing in the office, for health and well-being, team building and to increase confidence, then our friendly, fun approach will allow you to get going and without fear of being put in the spotlight. Don’t just take our word for it read Testimonials from our members and students.

 Our  Choirs and Workshops are Pop Rock R&B Jazz in style and have the feel good factor! And our sing flash mob choirs are loads of fun. There is no need to read music and no audition so you can relax and sing. We operate nationally so just tell us where you want us to come.

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We combine the latest most cutting edge research in our  performing arts training, psychology and the healing arts approach and your delegates will be enthralled and have a fabulous time with our team of expert trainers and coaches.

A personal development approach that improves self-confidence, ability and self-expression by using the hippest pop and rock choir arrangements with new holistic healing techniques for self-expression and creativity.

We can help with communication skills, choir singing, vocal performance and leadership and presentation skills, public speaking; discovery of the voice, self-improvement, wellness and personal growth as well as offering good fun through singing and choirs. 

Singers of all standards and background enjoy our sessions and people who like music and art; professionals who love the creative arts; theater and performance art, musical theater, people who like live singing and different kinds of singing events and you if you want to discover your voice. Our singing workshops and choirs are also great for singles, women’s socials and a great activity to do if you are new to London or the area you live in.

We have combined principles from performing arts training (singing lessons, vocal training, acting classes and dance), holistic education and complementary health in a unique approach. These principles include personal growth training (the healing arts, life coaching, leadership development training, NLP, healing with sound, meditation and relaxation techniques).

Ours is a leading, cutting edge school of vocal self-expression. Our energetic work will help you develop authenticity as a singer and give you the tools to improve your voice, music, creativity, personal power, talent, imagination, health and well-being through music and singing both on and off the stage. Additional benefits are improved health, an increase in self- confidence, and greater presence in all aspects of life. 




Lorrayn de Peyer



            Lorrayn de Peyer

Lorrayn is a third generation singer and an International Independent Recording Artist; Choir Leader and Author. Her latest album The Voice of Courage is a musical memoir tracing her experiences living, touring and performing all over the world.


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