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 Would you like to offer your staff, team, guests, friends and employees a truly memorable, uplifting and inspiring singing experience that leaves them clapping and rocking in the isles? Do you want to learn to sing in tune? Have a better voice? Perform and sing in a Rock Choir? Improve your confidence? Love singing Pop and Rock Music? Have a group of people who want to learn to sing or form a Choir? Want a Singing Workshop for adults or Children.

We have an extensive range of How to Sing courses, workshops and on line products for adults and children and we also specialize in unusual team building activities with a different twist for corporations.  You might like to consider our musical team building ideas. This is management training and fun team building ideas with a difference or just a hugely fun experience for your private party.

Musical Away Days,   Singing  Flash  Choirs  Team Building ,  Conference Icebreaker EnergizersCEO Leadership Training with a Twist,   Singing Workshops for Small Groups   Rock Choir Team Building   Meditation and Mindfulness Trainings for conferences, parties and celebrations in London, nationally and overseas.

We offer a creative way for people to challenge themselves and learn more about who they are both as individuals and as members of a team. Our background in music and psychology ensures that you are getting the leading edge self-expression, confidence building, team bonding, and communication techniques. We use all the latest most cutting edge techniques from Success Psychology, Mindfulness, Meditation and The Healing Arts and the very best MUSIC to transform your ability to sing in just a few short sessions.

Our workshops will bring your team together improving moral and rapport; pushing people gently out of their comfort zones while supporting them at the same time enables people to grow both individually and as a team improving communication throughout the group. The identical skills you need to communicate more effectively in a range of different situations are developed through singing and the techniques we offer are useful for leadership development as well as personal growth and self-development.  We offer a specialized Management Leadership Development Training  for exclusive groups where you record a demo or write and record your own song.

We have run singing workshops and rock and pop choir events for a wide range of companies, from law firms, recruitment firms, the staff in hospitals, teachers, industry manufacturers, retail firms, charities and PR and media firms. We are just a comfortable with 2000 delegates from a large multinational organization as we are with a group from a public sector organization or small businesses.

You have seen it happen on the TV and now it is your chance to experience becoming a POP-ROCK Choir fun event for yourself. By training your employees or guests to become a Pop-Rock Choir in a day; an evening; a morning using strong contemporary pop and rock songs this well established team of trainers will uplift any corporate event; inspire; unite and get your employees or guests clapping and rocking in the isles and help transform your business results.


We combine the latest most cutting edge research in our  performing arts training, psychology and the healing arts approach and your delegates will be enthralled and have a fabulous time with our team of expert trainers and coaches.

A personal development approach that improves self-confidence, ability and self-expression by using the hippest pop and rock choir arrangements with new holistic healing techniques for self-expression and creativity.

We can help with communication skills, choir singing, vocal performance and leadership and presentation skills, public speaking; discovery of the voice, self-improvement, wellness and personal growth as well as offering good fun through singing and choirs. 

Singers of all standards and background enjoy our sessions and people who like music and art; professionals who love the creative arts; theater and performance art, musical theater, people who like live singing and different kinds of singing events and you if you want to discover your voice. Our singing workshops and choirs are also great for singles, women’s socials and a great activity to do if you are new to London or the area you live in and we also run

singing workshops for children and young people

We have combined principles from performing arts training (singing lessons, vocal training, acting classes and dance), holistic education and complementary health in a unique approach. These principles include personal growth training (the healing arts, life coaching, leadership development training, NLP, healing with sound, meditation and relaxation techniques).

Ours is a leading, cutting edge school of vocal self-expression. Our energetic work will help you develop authenticity as a singer and give you the tools to improve your voice, music, creativity, personal power, talent, imagination, health and well-being through music and singing both on and off the stage. Additional benefits are improved health, an increase in self- confidence, and greater presence in all aspects of life. 

         Head Office  01297 639922 info@thecouragetosing.co.uk