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If you are looking for unusual team building activities or wondering how to motivate employees; train your trainers; or for a different twist on an activity for private party then you might like to consider our team building ideas. This is management training and fun team building ideas with a difference.

You have seen it happen on the TV and now it is your chance to experience becoming a ROCK Choir for your event. By training your employees or guests to become a Rock Choir in a day; an evening; a morning; a term or as part of larger special one off event this well established Vocal School of Choir Leaders and Musical Directors will uplift any corporate event to inspire; unite and get your employees or guests clapping and rocking in the isles.














"..hundreds of people move through their insecurities and emotional blocks......."Time Out

THE COURAGE TO SING has taught thousands of people to sing and has a successful track record of getting even the most reticent and out of tune people to sound fantastic in Pop-Rock Choirs around the country. Our approach is upbeat, highly motivational and interactive. No previous experience is required and you don't need to be able to read music, hold a tune or keep rhythm. The terrified and tone-deaf are welcome! There's no audition and you won't be put on the spot. The emphasis is on fun, lifting our spirits and singing our hearts out, for the love of it! We will be singing Pop, Rock, Mowtown, Gospel and World music arrangements of contemporary music styles and like a show choir, we use simple choreography to bring extra energy and impact to your performance - we're talking lifting arms and clapping rather than high kicks and spins though, so don't worry!

           The Daily Express: "I feel like I'm walking on cloud nine!"










As a team building event; special party; celebration or for a larger event to bring delegates together in unique, moving and challenging way, our very expert and humorous Choir Leaders will take your delegates (any number from 20 delegates upwards is a choir) through a brief vocal training warm up (5mins max we promise) and then get your delegates to sing though specially prepared arrangements of well-known easy to learn songs. Once we feel you have the basics we teach you a few simple harmony parts that even a deaf person can sing and depending on the time available we might ask for a brief vocal solo from a more confident member of your new choir like the MD for example! We put the whole thing together in a grand finale and hey presto! You are the performers, the performance and the audience all wrapped up into one. A before and after video story of the day is also a great gift to give your delegates as a memento.

THE COURAGE TO SING - The Angel Singing Courses


"In THE COURAGE TO SING... sharing with others really helps people to forget their fears - they feel part of the community when they sing together." - Health and Fitness



For large companies with multiple branches -- any variation on the theme of this fun project could be worked out in advance with our Choir Leaders to rehearse delegates from different branches and bring them together for a huge BIG SING major event. Up to several thousand delegates can become a Choir singing songs having rehearsed the parts at their branch rehearsal in advance.

Please apply to head office on 01297 639922 or for more details and a quote. 

For executive and advanced singers who want to take it even a step further and write and or record please go to team building for executives

 Also as a fun choral activity for a special event and large groups try our singing flash mobs and flashchoirs